I tried to wear the mask the following year, but it had shrunk. Probably just cheap material, but maybe the universe telling me not to do that again.
Then they start playing and I’m completely mesmerized. It’s like a magic trick whose secret I never want revealed.
I look at pictures I made even a couple years ago and wonder who made them.
She pushed back and resisted my lessons, just as I had when I was her age. It warmed my heart.
I don’t know (as I never do) if there’s much of an audience for this, but it absorbed me for a good part of the last half year.
I bartered a portrait of Katherine Mansfield for an iPhone 7.
Were they as mystified with USPS Tracking lingo as me and wanting to cut through the bullshit and just tell it how it is?
This year, my birthday fell on a Tuesday, so I went and got the expensive piece of meat I’d expected in 2020.
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